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AAA Striploin Hotèlier Recipe with Butter

It's so easy to make this mouth watering striploin! All you need is a Lococo's Striploin steak, butter, white wine, and parsley. That's it!

AAA Striploin Pepper Steak and Pasta Alfredo

Learn how easy it is to make a pepper Steak Striploin with 35% cream, sherry, butter, onion, and parsley. Watch until the end to learn how to make Pasta Alfredo!

Anise/Fennel Snack

This SIMPLE snack is high fiber, chalked full of nutrients, and has a fantastic crunch! All you need is anise (also known as fennel), olive oil, balsamic, a little bit of salt, and ALOT of pepper! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Serve this family-favourite (with or without bacon) and let the compliments roll in! Quality makes all the difference in flavour

Baked Artichokes

Here's our recipe for delicious Easy-Bake Artichokes!

Baked Salmon & Green Onions

Try this easy recipe for a healthy and delicious salmon dish.

Banana Pancakes

Try this simple, three-ingredient banana pancake recipe. Freshness makes the dish!

Basa Fillets & Brussel Sprouts

If you are looking for a recipe that is quick, simple, healthy, and delicious, give this one a try!

Broccoli & Vegetable Soup

This versatile soup can be made with any ingredients that you have in your fridge. Cook down any vegetables (in this case broccoli, celery, onion, and potato), blitz, and BOOM! Soup!

Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

You have to try these 1-pan roasted Brussels Sprouts with bacon

Caramalized Broccoli Crowns

A broccoli recipe you are sure to love: Caramelized Broccoli Crowns. This simple recipe takes only minutes to prepare and won't disappoint.

Chicken Drumsticks with Sweet Potatoes & Asparagus

We're in love with this one-pot healthy chicken dinner that's over-the-top delicious.

Chicken Roast

The simplest & most reliably delicious way to cook a whole chicken is to roast it. Try this family friendly recipe to feed one or many!

Chicken Teriyaki Drumsticks & Potatoes on Sheet Pan

This recipe is made using one sheet pan and loaded with amazing flavours. We're talking about a simple, fresh, and satisfying meal. Pair it with asparagus and dinner is served!

Chicken Thigh & Potato Bake

We can't get enough of this super easy recipe. All you have to do is marinate chicken thighs & potatoes together and roast!

Chicken Wings Two Ways: Baked and Air Fried

Grab a family pack of Lococo's freshest wings, combine with simple ingredients, and air-fry (or bake) away!

Creamy Pasta Carbonara

This easy Pasta Carbonara comes together in about 20 minutes and is the perfect weeknight dinner! Packed with crispy pancetta, prosciutto, (or bacon) & mixed with the creamiest carbonara sauce, this recipe is a total knockout.


Never underestimate the power of fresh guacamole paired with Lococo's giant bag of tri-coloured chips.

How to Cut a Pineapple

Ever wonder how to cut a pineapple? Here's how!

Linguine Alfredo with Spinach, Mushrooms, and Crumbled Sausage

Try out this truly satisfying meal that's made from the simplest of ingredients.

Lococo's Meat Sauce Recipe

Try this meat sauce with sausage, pork back ribs, and meatballs. Yum!

Meatloaf Packed with Vegetables

The meatloaf is so tender and juicy on the inside and it's packed with vegetables!

Mexican Quinoa Chili

This simple dish is not only incredibly easy but also DELICIOUS! It all cooks in one pan and can be enjoyed on its own or paired with chicken, beef, or fish!

Mushroom Risotto

Loving you is easy when mushroom risotto is involved 💖

Ocean Perch Breaded and Baked

You can cook almost any protein or veg this way for a hassle-free meal. Egg, bread crumbs, seasoning, and bake. Pair it with French fries and coleslaw for a delicious meal.

Pasta Bolognese with Ground Pork

There are so many variations of meat sauces, but today, we're trying this Easy Meaty Spaghetti (Pork Bolognese)!

Pork Back Ribs - Best Ever

These are the easiest fall-off-the-bone pork back ribs! Spice 'em, bake 'em, add sauce, and then broil. Done!

Pork Tenderloin Schnitzel Cutlets

Oh the things you can do with a pork tenderloin! Check out Lococo's pork schnitzel recipe that's easy, versatile, and delicious.

Potato Croquettes

Master the easiest potato croquettes! Want to get fancy? Stuff them with cheese.

Rocket & Bosc Pear Salad with Homemade Dressing

Try this honey-lemon and apple cider vinegar dressing for all your fresh salad creations!

Salmon Cakes

This Salmon Cake recipe is delicious, easy to make, and a great way to use up whatever is left of that MASSIVE salmon fillet from Lococo's


Because who doesn't love eggs! Shakshuka is incredibly easy to make and unbelievably delicious. It works well for a Sunday brunch OR a Wednesday dinner.

Shrimp Pizzaiola

You can't go wrong with this quick & easy Shrimp "al-a-Pizzaiola." Serve over pasta, rice, salad, or on its own!

Steak Bites with Garlic and Butter

When you've got steak, garlic, AND butter, how can you go wrong? These tasty little devils work great as the protein for your dinner, or stick a toothpick in 'em and serve 'em as an appetizer!

Yam and Zucchini Fritters

Packed full of flavour & easy to make, these yam & zucchini fritters will have you coming back for more.

Zucchini Boats & Zucchini Fries

Zucchini is a vegetable that is so versatile. Here are two recipes for side dishes that are easy and quick to make.

Zucchini Frittata

Brunch anyone? Try this incredibly easy and scrumptious zucchini frittata. (Note: you can use any vegetable using this same method).