Monday March 27th to Tuesday March 28th Only!

LB ($6.11 Kg)
Two-Day Special

Lean Ground Beef

Fresh Storemade
Ontario's Finest!
LB ($6.59 Kg)
Two-Day Special

Pork Tenderloin

Ontario's Finest
LB ($1.70 Kg)
Two-Day Special

Field Tomatoes

LB ($22.02 Kg)
Two-Day Special

Rib Eye Steaks

Cut from Canada AA
Aged to Perfection
  • Today's Lunch Specials* (Tuesday, March 28th):

    Winter Lunch Menu from January to March 2017*

    Gourmet Burgers and Poutine Assorted Prices
    Assorted Beef Stirfry $8.49
    Gourmet Mac N Cheese Assorted Prices

    *Barton Street Location Only.
    Lunch is served weekdays from 11am to 2:30 pm.
    Dinner is served weekdays from 4pm to 6:30 pm.